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Lib Dems Oppose Labour’s Local Plan

August 18th, 2014 by Group Office

Liberal Democrat Councillors on Redcar & Cleveland Council voted against Labour’s Local Plan.
Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Glyn Nightingale commented:

“The Council’s Draft Local Plan was a flawed rush-job.

“The Lib Dems reject Labour’s scheme to build houses that will join Redcar to Marske and to produce more urban sprawl, especially in Ormesby and Nunthorpe.
“No matter how hard Labour try to shift the blame, the selection of housing development sites is their responsibility.
“Liberal Democrats are committed to ensuring an appropriate Local Plan is quickly put in place. But the plan must ensure that the borough is an attractive place to live and matches local people’s aspirations.”

Redcar Lib Dems welcome further fall in unemployment

July 28th, 2014 by Group Office

Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that unemployment in the Tees Valley is falling faster than in the region and in the country as a whole.

New figures out show that unemployment has fallen each month since January 2014 in the Tees Valley.

Lib Dems are particularly pleased that Redcar automotive company ElringKlinger is recruiting more staff, and has now exceeded its target of recruiting 60 new staff by 2015.

Lib Dem Council Group Leader Glyn Nightingale said:

“This is excellent news and builds on good news from earlier in the year, although there is a long way to go. Jobs are the only thing that can really regenerate an area.

“Key factors in the fall in unemployment are the Government’s investment in jobs and the creation of Local Enterprise Partnerships.

“Unemployment is falling across the country, but faster here than in many places. It shows that Tees Valley is a good place to do business.”

Ian Swales MP welcomes specialist academy to Redcar

July 7th, 2014 by Group Office

The development of a multi-million pound specialist oil and gas academy has been confirmed today. 

The world class facility on the site of Redcar and Cleveland College will train more people in the skills they need to work in the oil and gas industry – a sector which is growing on Tees Valley. The academy will build on the work the college is already doing with new starters and existing management in the industry across the world. The academy will be linked with other similar colleges including an already established facility in Dubai.

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar Constituency commented:

“This is fantastic news for our area.

“I have been helping to develop this project for a long time – engaging with local training managers, the Council, private sector and the college in order to lobby central government for investment.

“The academy will bring international business people into the town and will lead to further investment.

“Teesside is on the up.”

Lib Dems welcome extra money to fix potholes

June 30th, 2014 by Group Office
Cllr Mike Carling inspects potholes in Borough Road

Cllr Mike Carling inspects potholes in Borough Road

Liberal Democrats on Redcar & Cleveland Council are delighted that the Council is to receive over £300,000 to fix potholes.

The Government has just announced extra funding for councils up and down the country to deal with the problem.

Redcar & Cleveland is set to get £301,123. The Government estimates that each pothole costs £53 to fix on average. This means that over 5,000 holes can be repaired in the borough.

Lib Dem Highways spokesman, Councillor Mike Carling, welcomed the extra money saying:

“This is excellent news for our area.

“Potholes affect all areas of our borough. They damage cars and cause injury to pedestrians and cyclists. It’s an issue that concerns many people and that is why Liberal Democrats in Redcar have campaigned for improvements for many years.

“I am pleased to see that the Coalition Government is taking the issue seriously and providing this much-needed extra funding.”

Lib Dem Group Leader Glyn Nightingale added:

“The Labour Council puts up Council Tax every year yet fails to get the basics right. Now, thanks to the Coalition Government, they have no excuse for failing to fix our roads.”

Never mind the bollards

June 24th, 2014 by Group Office
Cllr Chris Abbott

Cllr Chris Abbott

LAST August bollards in Redcar’s popular but privately owned Roseberry Shopping Centre on Roseberry Road, were given a coat of yellow and black hooped paint, by the Centre’s Management Company, Knight Frank, to make them stand out more as drivers were shunting into them frequently.

Since then thousands of pounds of damage has been done to vehicles and the evidence is clear on every bollard.

Newcomen Ward Councillor Chris Abbott took this up with Knight Frank last August and was informed the bollards and speed humps were installed when the centre was constructed as part of the planning requirements for traffic management around the site:

“The company could not understand why people could not see them.

“Even though they are clearly marked they cannot be seen when you are manoeuvring in the car park and every single one is marked by people shunting into them. It is easy to forget they are there and you cannot see them when you are sat in a car close up to them. There are none of these in the Council’s car parks.

“People keep complaining to me about it and grumbling about the damage done to their vehicles.

“The shopping experience at this excellent facility can be improved 100% if these pointless bollards, that appear to serve no real purpose, were removed together with the dreadful road humps which also annoy everyone so much. These do not work as safety measures because people weave about to avoid them. Half were removed last year but the rest still remain.”

Marks & Spencer decision is short-sighted says Swales

June 3rd, 2014 by Group Office

Disappointed with the news that Marks and Spencer have decided to close their Outlet store on Redcar High Street, Ian Swales MP has written to management to urge them to reconsider.

Ian Swales commented:

“We’ve had a lot of investment in Redcar in recent years, including the regeneration of the seafront and the recently opened civic and leisure centre. The constituency has received a significant amount of Government funding and I continue to push for further investment.

“Finally unemployment is down, industry is growing again and the town is really on the up. I think the decision to close the store is short sighted and I have urged Marks and Spencer to reconsider.”